Drupal SEO Guidelines

Drupal is a CMS (Content management System) famous for its flexibility and security. It is also excellent in SEO management. Many of the web hosting providers like goldenhost, layerwebhost and blue host provide the CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Drupal is a such content management tool which provide content management facility as well as SEO measurement and performance management of your website by different plugins and scripts. In this blog post, I will explain you some important and common SEO measures which boost your Drupal website.

Basic Measures:

All the basic SEO measures that are applicable to all other types of sites is applicable for Drupal as well. Before proceeding with Drupal specific steps, I would like to highlight some of the common SEO practices which prevail through all the websites out there

  1. Backlinks generation.
  2. Keywords.
  3. Content Quality.
  4. Site speed and Efficiency.

So, how do you go about improving your Drupal site’s SEO? Well, there are several steps you can undertake. Note that there are some excellent modules available for Drupal which help with these steps, I’ll be listing down these modules with the appropriate steps as well.


It is the first and most important part of SEO. This involves finding out the major and suitable keywords for your website as these are the main source to get ranked. It is also important to categorize your keywords into multiple sections.

Meta tags:

Meta tags are small pieces of text that describe a page’s content. The meta tags don’t appear on the page itself, but only in the page’s code or in the header part of page. These meta tags are content descriptors that tells search engine what a web page is about.
In Drupal you do not need to go into the code of your Drupal site’s web pages to write the meta tags because, a builtin module is available for this purpose. This module allows you to automate the process of placing meta tags and HTML title tags in the header of your web page.

Clean and Clear URLs:

Search engines emphasis on the URL, that it should be human readable. Clean and clear URLs are those URLs which can explain user that, what the page is about or what type of information is presented on this page e.g. www.myweb.com/about-us.
In the above example one can easily understand that the URL present the about-us page of myweb.com.
Drupal contains a module which makes this process easier for users. This module automatically convert URLs into simpler form. 

Responsive Layout:

Today mobile specially smart phones are common now and search engines are also focusing and preferring them. These are of different resolutions and screen sizes so search engine prefers those sites which are responsive to each device Layout. Your Drupal site must be optimized for screens of different sizes. Also, with Google’s own Accelerated Mobile Pages technology. Drupal AMP module makes this task easy to implement.

Important SEO Modules:

There are many Drupal SEO modules important of them are listed below.

  • Pathauto: This module saves your time from manually creating the path/URL aliases. It automatically generate path/URL aliases for the contents (nodes, terms, users) based on configurable patterns.
  • Drupal SEO Checklist: It is an analysis module that analyzes site and gives recommendations to fix things for your Drupal site.
  • Page Title: This module allow you to give page titles to nodes. It is an important factor of search engine optimization.
  • Drupal SEO Tools: This Tool provides a dashboard which covers a number of SEO functions for the sites including: keywords, titles, tags, paths, redirects, sitemaps, Google analytics, webmaster tool, etc.
  • Links Checker: This module check the links occasionally and specify failed results which you need to fix out.

Keep Drupal Up to date:

To keep your website secure from potential issue and protected must regularly update Drupal to integrate new changes and features. A secure website is always in the good books of Google and other search engines, hence keeping your site updated is an important factor in your Drupal SEO. Make sure that you update your Drupal site as soon as an update is released out to keep ranking high.

That’s it I hope you have now better understanding with Drupal SEO.